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Various commands that aren't specifically categorized.


Extended Menus are "floating" menus supporting full 32bit alpha masked icons, PNG, JPG and other image formats of any size, various styles (Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP/Whidbey, ...), full keyboard navigation & automatic hot-key support, multi-monitor support and ability to be contained within a rebar or container plus more!


Extended Toolbars have full support for 32bit Alpha masked icon, PNG, JPG and other image formats of any size for toolbar buttons with separate images for normal, hot and disabled states, the ability to insert other gadgets/controls, Toolstrip styles in Office 2007 and Office 2003 plus more advanced features.


Rebars act as containers for other controls such as toolbars.  The controls are contained in bands which can be resized and moved.  ProGUI extends the functionality of rebars by adding automatic vertical resizing and manual resizing of bands with the mouse plus full automatic chevron support. Rebars also support styles in Office 2007 and Office 2003.


TextControlEx is an advanced static text/textbox control and allows your application to display text labels with the following features: Transparent background (no ugly solid background colour), coloured text and background, gradient coloured backgrounds, anti-aliased text, border padding, multi-line support, hyperlinks and "escape code" effects such as bold, italic, underline...


PanelEx is a fully nestable, powerful and versatile container control with multiple pages; ideal for displaying different sets of controls depending on user input such as a preferences section in your application or can be easily used as a building block for other more complex controls.  Each page can have a different gradient/theme background and/or combined with a background image, alpha masked image border and optional second overlay background and/or image combo, each page also supports automatic scrolling of page contents and automatic double buffering of ProGUI components inside including any graphical alpha effects.


ButtonEx, ImageButtonEx, ToggleButtonEx, RadioButtonEx and CheckButtonEx are easy to use skinned and borderless image button controls supporting 32bit alpha transparent images/icons, separate images for various states (including: normal, hot/hover, pressed and disabled states) and tooltips.


The ExplorerBar is a highly customizable skinned navigation/menu control used for displaying a list of categorized options/items by group which can be collapsed or un-collapsed (supporting smooth sliding animation with alpha fade transparency). The ExplorerBar has a default system skin and an Office 2007 default skin.


SplitterEx is a highly customizable skinned splitter control used for splitting up areas of your interface (which can be resized by dragging the splitter bar). The SplitterEx has 2 default system skins and an Office 2007 default skin. The SplitterEx also supports an "anchoring" feature.

Colours & Images

Various commands for setting/retrieving rendering style colours/gradients and image manipulation and effects.


Skins allow ProGUI controls/components (and user made controls) to be easily and quickly 'skinned' to a particular graphical style whilst being highly customizable. Includes various commands for creating, loading, saving and manipulating skins.